Training Course in Greece , Kalamata

The training “ICT TOOLS AND SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION” of the “” project has just ended in the city of Kalamata, Greece.

Due to the pandemic, we initially planned to carry out this meeting only in online mode on the zoom platform, and for this reason, from 8 to 12 February, all project partners exchanged their knowledge and good practices regarding digital education of adults.

Fortunately, given the current situation regarding the pandemic, most of the partners, coming from Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany and Greece, had the opportunity to carry out this activity in presence, meeting in Kalamata from 30 August to 3 September, connecting with the participants of the Spanish and Norwegian partner, unable to travel.

It was an interactive course that gave participants the opportunity to acquire new knowledge on how to transmit digital skills to adults from an inclusive and sharing perspective. This training course was an important moment of exchange and international comparison between all the actors who are daily involved in this field, and at the same time it offered the opportunity to those who are interested in the subject, and who would like to start working in this sector, to know how it is possible to involve adults in informal learning contexts and bring them closer to new technologies in the rest of Europe.

Here are some photos of our event!

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