Digital literacy in Slovenia

In 2018 the Statistical Office of republic of Slovenia conducted a research about digital literacy in Slovenia. They divided their area of research in the following sectors: problem solving – e-skills for solving problems, creation of digital content – e-skills for using the program software, safety, information and data literacy – information e-skills, communication and cooperation – communication e-skills. While researching information skills they were testing the level of skills of participants in searching for information on internet. On the other hand, the communication e-skills covered receiving and sending e-mails, using social networks, video calling on the internet and similar.  E-skills for problem solving included transferring of files and documents from one device to other, online shopping over the last 12 months, attending a web seminar and similar, while e-skills for using the program software included using of program software for modifying texts, creating presentations and similar. The results showed the following: 22% of population in Slovenia between the age 16 to 74 are without any kind of e-skills, 26% of unemployed people in Slovenia are without digital skills as well as 56 % of retired people. 57% of population between the age of 66 to 74 has never used internet in their lifetime. These results show that Slovenia has higher percentage of population without digital skills in comparison to the average rate in Europe, which suggest that a lot has to be done in this area in the future.