The second quarter of the year 2020, strongly affected by the pandemic, was characterized by a reflection by EPALE, the electronic platform for adult learning in Europe, on Digital Skills. This reflection led to the development of a KIT entitled “2020: what a Year! Challenges and innovations from the EPALE platform “, with four thematic focuses that marked 2020.

In this KIt, particular attention was paid to basic and digital skills learning offer, as the pandemic has shown how never before as the large number of adults with low basic skills represents a major obstacle to an inclusive society.

The partnership of our project digital@adults.eu, in continuity with what has just been said, has also worked during the recent months so that adult educators could have effective and innovative tools available to help adults, especially those with poor digital skills, to help them improving these skills, and to understand the importance of digital in their lives. 

This has been the focus of our online training entitled “ICT TOOLS AND SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION”.

Due to the pandemic, the short-term joint staff training event was held online on the Zoom platform instead of Greece, in Kalamata as planned in the application phase.

It has been an interactive course of five days, that gave participants the opportunity to acquire new knowledge on how to transmit digital skills to adults with a view to inclusion and sharing.

This training course was an important moment of exchange and comparison at an international level between all the actors who are daily involved in this sector, and at the same time, it offered the possibility to those who are simply intrigued by the subject, to get an idea on how in the rest of Europe it is possible to involve adults in informal learning contexts and bring them closer to new technologies.

Video https://youtu.be/AoHeckMVU3E

If you are interested in knowing more about the results of our project and the training material used during the training, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our online platform @digitaladults.eu where videos and materials are available to consult or download for free.