After the conclusion of the short term joint staff training event in Greece, the project partners once back in their respective countries, worked to organize the 2 local training events. One event addressed to educators that work with adults and one for disadvantaged adults.

Luckily, despite the initial predictions that saw the implementation of some of the project activities online, due to the pandemic, the partners managed to organaze these events in person or in a blended way, meeting some participants online and others in person depending on the regulation in each partner country.

The main objective of these training events has been the transmission of good practices and knowledge acquired during the training in Kalamata in order to try to disseminate the project results as much as possible on a local level, increasing awareness about the digital tools and social media as useful element for the daily and working life of each one and practices of teaching and relating to disadvantaged adults.

Despite the many challenges to overcome due to the historical period in which the project had to go through, the partners made efforts to recruit participants and organize the events taking into account their availability and restrictions in their countries, some managed to meet in person while others had to conduct the events online, but still making a big effort to guarantee until the end of the project, high standards of quality and involvement in its implementation.

At the end of each event from the feedback collected by the participants emerged that not only the quality of the contents transmitted was highly appreciated but the participants mentioned several times how these contents could easily spent and used in their daily or working life, making digital@dult.seu project and its results into a useful and current product that was received with great enthusiasm by all those who had the opportunity to discover it.