Om Partnere


The association of social promotion Petit Pas was founded in Trani (BT) – Puglia – Italy, in 2015. The association is non-partisan and aims to develop social initiatives, inspired by democracy, equality and pluralism. Petit pas aims at the development of education, training and entrepreneurship of young people, women, migrants and the disabled in Puglia (IT) and abroad. To achieve these aims Petit pas has an ongoing collaboration with the leading universities, schools, associations, NGO’s and research organizations in Puglia for the development of projects, trainings and educational material.

Areadne Lifelong Learning Centre Greece

Areadne is an accredited Lifelong Learning Centre in Greece (Acc. No. 2101309) specializing in professional and vocational programmes for NEETs, professionals and the general public. It came about after IP Educational and An.Di. IT Solutions merged in 2015. We offer online and face-to-face courses in Greek and English at various levels of the Hellenic Qualifications Framework (equivalent to the European Qualifications Framework). Our courses include languages, ICT, teacher training, tourism studies, business administration and more. Most of our courses include internships or other practical elements. Furthermore, we design or evaluate courses for businesses and other organisations. Areadne employs 10 learning consultants/ trainers, all of whom hold advanced postgraduate degrees and over 10 years of experience in their area of expertise. Organizations we work with include schools, universities, national and international training companies and organizations, national and international NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, Employer and Employee organizations, local, national and international corporations. Our training centre is fully accessible by people with needs.


The adult education centre Schrobenhausen e.V. is a typical German community college, located in the small town Schrobenhausen. It is located in the rural area between Munich and Ingolstadt in Bavaria. For more than 65 years, the adult education in Schrobenhausen is not organized by the city administration, but by the non-profit association. Thus, the public funds, which flow on the grant path to the Volkshochschule, are optimally.
At the Volkshochschule Schrobenhausen, more than 300 courses are offered every six months by about 190 lecturers; These numbers are very variable, the VHS Schrobenhausen is always up to date and new courses in the program, but also unsolicited rates deducted. Approximately 5000 participants (learners) recorded the adult education centre annually with a positive trend.


ACD La Hoya is Spanish Cultural and Sport association is based on the principles of cooperation, integration, environment protection, solidarity, humanity and universal human values and promotes an environment in which the community will be able to create, think, realize their ideas and build positions and reactions on important issues. Develop activities in the rural community as art, sport and culture, also dedicated to the successful implementation and participation of European projects to bring the youth and senior Europe closer. The main aim is to give the youth and community possibilities to spend their time (Sport, arts, workshops, Culture, Europe), to support bottom up initiatives of the community, improve social work and facilitate the integration of young people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work, and encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth participation in both local community and society in general.


Kreateam Egyesulet Is an experienced NGO from Hungary dealing with education management and adult education. We have several projects dealing with distance education, e-learning and competence development. One of our main aim is to give opportunities for young adults to implement their job ideas and other notions. The main function of the KreaTeam Association is to focus on the opportunities for young people and to provide services that promote the expansion of the knowledge of them in the fields of community building, skills development, dealing with the impact of EU integration etc…. To achieve the objectives of the Association we encountered resources, carry out trainings, organize events and projects. To achieve the objectives of the Association we work together public, social and economic organizations, associations to help the successful operation of the Association, and its target groups .


Youth Education is at the core of what Terram Pacis stands for, it is the key to peace, freedom, development, and human rights. We aim at building society where, no matter the circumstances young people can grow up to achieve anything they set their mind to; and promote a youth work, in which youth play a key role in shaping education policies; thereby, encourage debates about political, environmental and social issues amongst young people. Therefore, Terram Pacis work is described by programs: Human Rights Education and Education for Peace,  Our staff, although they have many resources and knowledge regarding this project; the project creates unique opportunities to improve and share tools, competences, skills, best practices, innovative knowledge and new and effective ways of working, understanding and engaging with both adults and young people in meeting their learning goals in various areas of their lives, especially their integration, and personal and professional development. .


Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina is a non-profit adult education and training provider for the community in the local region and wider with a rich tradition. Organization offers its learners 10 formal educational programmes that include both secondary schools and vocational training programmes Ljudska univerza is constantly developing new programmes and is adapting the existent one in accordance with the needs and desires of the adult population for further training and education. Informal educational programmes are conducted in the form of seminars, courses, lectures, and literary evenings and similar. The organization also offers various personal growth programmes, various workshops, computer courses for the unemployed and elderly, language courses, computer courses and accounting and many educational programmes for adults with special needs for the local Care Work Centre. Univerza also offers 19 programmes of National vocational qualification and organizes various courses for unemployed people. The organization also has a very active University for Third Age, where we offer various lifelong learning activities to people over 55. Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina is also a licensed centre for Slovenian language as second language and an Intergenerational centre. Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina has a lot of experience in national and international projects. .